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SEPT. 16th 2018
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Bay Area's Newest Original Comic Book Show!
Sun. 10:00am TO 5:00pm

Admission is Only $10.00 at the door, And $7.00 in Advance.
(Children 8yrs & Under are Free)

Sam Mateo Fairgrounds Parking is $12

Come join the fun and excitement of the San Mateo County's Newest 1 Day Comic Book, Toy and Fantasy Convention.

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Bill Mumy is a multi-talented, prolific artist who entered the arena of professional entertainment at the age of five. He has worked on over four hundred television shows and is best known by fans around the world for the creation of his memorable roles as the heroic boy astronaut, "Will Robinson" on the long running classic series "Lost in Space", "Anthony Fremont" from The Twilight Zone and "Lennier" from in the popular science fiction series "Babylon 5" which he co-starred in for five years.

Bill is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and has been in eighteen feature films, including "Dear Brigitte", "Rascal", "Bless the Beasts and Children", and "Papillion".

Currently, Bill is a consulting Producer on the long running hit television series, "ANCIENT ALIENS".

Mumy is a prolific voice over artist. In 2015 he gave voice to President Abraham Lincoln in The History Channel's "Civil War: Blood and Glory" miniseries. Bill has narrated over 50 episodes of A & E 's "Biography" series as well as hosting and narrating several other documentaries and specials for A & E, The Sci Fi Channel and E Entertainment. His voice over acting talents can be heard on animated shows like "Loud House", "Rescue Bots", "Bravest Warriors", "Ren and Stimpy", "Scooby Doo", "Batman: the Animated Series", "Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs", "Little Wizard Adventures", "The Oz Kids" and Disney's "Buzz Lightyear: Star Command". He's also voiced dozens of national commercials such as "Farmer's Insurance" ,"Ford", "Bud Ice", "Blockbuster", "Twix", and "Blue Cross/Blue Shield".

2015 marked the 50th Anniversay of Lost in Space with an impressive 18 disc BluRay release from Fox. The Bonus material included in the BluRay features an original cast performance of Bill's "The Epilogue" script that resolves the classic series. Bill co-produced, directed, wrote and starred in the bonus material. "The Epilogue" won a Gold Clio Award in 2016 for Best Creative Content. To coincide with the golden anniversary, Bill has co-written a book with his Lost in Space "sister", Angela Cartwright, "Lost and Found In Space" featuring never before seen photographs and their memories of filming the classic series. In 2018, NETFLIX's new Lost in Space series featured Bill as "the REAL Doctory Zachary Smith".

With acclaimed writer Peter David, Bill co-created, produced and wrote "Space Cases", a live action sci-fi adventure comedy series on Nickelodeon and syndicated in over sixty all around the world. The series ran for two seasons, 1996 -97, and was nominated for a Cable Ace Award for best children's series. He also co-wrote the theme song for that show as well as the themes for the 2003 Animal Planet specials: "50 Greatest Animals of TV" and "50 Greatest Animals of Films" and "TV Guide Looks At...", "Hollywood Backstory", and "Studio Portraits". Bill has written dozens of songs and themes to many different film and television projects. Bill was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition for the live-action Disney series "Adventures In Wonderland". Bill wrote and recorded one hundred and five songs for the one hundred episodes of that series.

Bill is half of the infamous novelty rock recording and short film making duo "Barnes and Barnes". Best known for the classic demented song and film "Fish Heads", Barnes and Barnes have released nine albums and a feature length video. Rolling Stone magazine named Fish Heads # 57 of the all time greatest rock videos ever created. Their latest CD release is "OPBOPACHOP" (2008)

Bill is a prolific songwriter and solo recording artist and has released many solo CD's and solo music videos; "Velour" (2016), "Ten Days" (2015) ,"Illuminations" (2013), "Until The Big Bang Whimpers" 2011), "Glorious in Defeat" (2010), Carnival Sky" (2009), "Speechless" (2009), "Circular" (2008), "The Landlord Or The Guest" 2007), (GRA), "With Big Ideas" 2006, (Lumania), "Ghosts", (Renaissance 2003), "After Dreams Come True" (Oglio: 2001), "Pandora's Box" (2000), "In The Current" (1999) and '97's "Dying To Be Heard". (Renaissance records.)

He has worked with the pop group "America" off and on for over thirty years, composing, producing and performing with the band.

His most current musical project is the release of "Angels Hear", the debut album of a new rock group, "ACTION SKULLS", featuring Bill, Vicki Peterson of the Bangles and John Cowsill of the Beach Boys and the Cowsills.

Comic books have been a passion of Bills since childhood, and he has written scores of them. He co-created "The Comet Man" and "The Dreamwalker" for Marvel as well as scripting "The Hulk", "Spider-Man", "Iron Man", "She Hulk", "Wonder Man" and other Marvel characters. He also wrote the "Lost in Space" comic book for Innovation in the 90's and the acclaimed 360 page graphic novel, "Lost in Space: Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul". His co-creation "Trypto, The Acid Dog" was featured in "Dark Horse Presents". For DC comics he's written "Aquaman", "The Spectre" and three issues of the "classic" "Star Trek" series. 2013 saw the release of his "Curse of the Mumy" comic book published by Bluewater comics.

His short stories, "The Black '59" and "The Undeadliest Game" co-written with Peter David, were originally printed in Pocket Books, "Shock Rock" and "Shock Rock Volume 2". They're now published in many languages all over the world.

Bill lives with his wife Eileen in Laurel Canyon. Their two children, Seth and Liliana have also made their mark as actors.

When TV Guide listed their top 100 television episodes of all time, two of them starred Bill Mumy.
Star Of...



Vincent Van Dahl is the host of "Creature Features," a remake of the popular Bay Area TV horror movie program that first debuted in 1971. Joined by his valet Livingston and his peculiar housemate Tangella from the shows' haunted mansion, Vincent and his myriad of interesting guests bring a little fun to the otherwise macabre world of horror films.



Tom Wyrsch produced the two award winning documentary films "Remembering Playland at the Beach" and "Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong: A Journey into Creature Features". He is the official Creature Features archivist. Tom wrote, produced and directed last year's popular feature length documentary film "Haunted Sonoma County" and is currently filming a followup film "Haunted Wine Country". Both historical journeys to haunted locations in the Northbay.


Claudia Wells gained notoriety by starring in the 1985 film BACK TO THE FUTURE as Jennifer Parker, Marty McFly's girlfriend. Wells starred in STOP THE MADNESS, an anti-drug music video, in conjunction with the Reagan administration, appeared in the television movie BABIES HAVING BABIES, and played the lead in FAST TIMES, a television adaptation of the popular 1982 film FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH. Claudia is also known for starring in the TV series Herbie The Lovebug...& is considered a "car girl" with Delorean lovers & Herbie lovers worldwide. Taking a break from acting when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, then taking an active role in charities, especially as a founding board member of Kids In The Spotlight, a charity for foster youth that teaches them how to write, cast & star in their own short films. Claudia has amassed over 50 credits; in film, TV, opera, and theater, but she considers her true on-screen career to still be ahead of her, as she is open to gritty roles that shy away from convention and push the envelope. When she is not working with charities, doing appearances, or serving as an actress on set, Claudia oversees her fine men's clothing store, Armani Wells, since it's opening in 1991.


Steve Leialoha is best known as an inker and penciller of Vertigo's Fables, Jack of Fables, Nevada, Petrefax, the Dreaming, Sandman, and Dead Boy Detectives.

Since the 70's he has been an inker on Warlock, Howard the Duck, Daredevil, GI Joe (the Silent issue), Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel, Captain America, the Avengers, Secret Wars II, the Fantastic Four, and the original Star Wars comics.

He has also drawn the Justice League, Dr Strange, Iron Man, the X-Men, New Mutants, the Hulk, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Star Trek!

And last, but not least, was a graduate of the College of San Mateo!


Mick Gray grew up wanting to be an artist and car designer. At the suggestion of his father, Mick became a draftsman, getting on the job training at 16 and an Associates Degree in Technical Illustration at 20. He created spec sheets, illustrated textbooks and designed packaging for electronics companies. In his early 20s he started his own business, Draftecnix. It was by a sheer twist of fate that he became a comic book inker. In 1988 his best friend suggested him to local comic book publisher, Dan Vado of Slave Labor Graphics. On a whim Mick brought down his portfolio of technical illustrations. He was instantly hired to ink backgrounds like buildings and cars on SLG books such as Hero Sandwich, The Griffin and Bloodlust.
When Dan's book The Griffin was recreated by DC Comics, Mick was asked to assist the new inker, Mark McKenna. This began a 6 year partnership and intensive training at both DC and Marvel Comics. Mick assisted other inkers for years before gaining the confidence to get his own projects. Soon editors at Marvel and DC were calling him.
Mick is an Eisner Award winning inker and has worked continuously for DC comics for over 25 years on projects such as Son Of Superman hardcover (J.H. Williams III), Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes (Barry Kitson), Zatanna (Ryan Sook), Promethea (J.H. Williams III), Batman Confidential (Rags Morales), Teen Titans Go! (Alexander Serra), The JOKER hardcover (Lee Bermejo), JSA: Kingdom Come (Fernando Pasarin and Dale Eaglesham), The Shield (Marco Rudy), Batman & Robin, Robin: Son of Batman and Superman (Patrick Gleason).
In 2009 Mick self- published his first children's book, Al B. Mouse's Abecedarium, which is available through Amazon.
Mick is also a GIANT music fan. He started his own music interview podcast in 2016 called, THE DEEP CUT.


Mark Bode has been working as a professional comic artist since the age of 15 when he was hired to color VAUGHN BODE (his father) black and white strip ZOOKS, for HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE. In the comic book field Mark is known for MIAMI MICE, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES and the graphic novel series COBALT 60. Mark has worked as a tattooist, toy and clothing designer. He is also well known as a mural artist and is invited to paint murals at art festivals around the world. Mark is presently working with a team to self-produce an animation of COBALT 60.


A well-respected veteran Comic Book Inker with a wide range of experience in the industry, Walden Wong has worked with all of the major studios, including many high profile projects and is currently holding the Inkwell Awards as the Most Adaptable Inker from 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Walden has worked for practically every publisher out there, including DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, VIZ Media to name a few. You can see his name on a variety of titles every year. He can currently be found working around the clock at his studio inking.


Danny Bulanadi has been a comics illustrator for over fifty years. He is a veteran of Filipino Komiks, Image, DC, and Marvel. It was at Marvel that Danny flourished. As an inker, he worked on the Micronauts, Fantastic Four, Captain America and various other comics in the 1980's and 1990's. He has inked noted pencillers such as John Buscema, Gil Kane, Steve Ditko, Paul Ryan, and gentleman Ron Lim to name a few.
Danny recently worked on "The World's Most Complete Graphic Bible" for Kingstone Comics. He continues to illustrate comics for them as well as work on fan commissioned art.


John Heebink is a comic book artist and teacher from the Bay Area. He's currently inking SUCKER, a wild and grimy vampire epic by Jason McNamara and Tony Talbert. Heebink's credits include both Vampirella and Elvira, Nick Fury, Quasar, even the Power Rangers.
He is also working with writer Link Yaco on a sequel to their late-90s classic Space Chicks and Businessmen, and a yet-to-be-announced project with superstar Dan Brereton.

Five-time Eisner nominee and Inkpot winner Dan Brereton has garnered critical praise and a loyal fan base over the last 25 years for his vibrant painted comics, illustrations and stories. He considers comics a perfect medium, and is fond of talking about his obsession with monsters , history, pulp and crime fiction and a general love of stories. His creator-owned comics work includes NOCTURNALS, GIANTKILLER, THE PSYCHO (with James Hudnall) and THE LAST BATTLE (with Tito Faraci).
Dan's currently writing and illustrating a four- part arc for DC Comics Digital First's LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT and prepping a new volume of NOCTURNALS in time for its 20th Anniversary.



Eliza Ivanova was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. She was classically trained as a fine artist since the age of twelve in the private atelier of Garo Muradyan. After high school, Eliza moved to Los Angeles to pursue an animation education at Calarts where she graduated in 2010 with a degree in character animation. Eliza was invited to do an internship at Pixar and has been a 3D animator there since. She has made award-winning short films and a has new one in development along with exhibiting artwork.


Rich Koslowski is best known for his fan friendly comic book series, The 3 Geeks (later Geeksville with Image Comics), the recipient of three Eisner Award nominations.
He also wrote and illustrated the much-lauded graphic novel, Three Fingers, in 2002 (published by Top Shelf Productions) which won the coveted Ignatz Award for "Outstanding Graphic Novel" and was named as one of the "500 Essential Graphic Novels" by Harper Collins in 2008.
Other publications include The King (2005), a mystery/comedy about the Power of Belief and Elvis Presley! In 2007 Rich published his first Illustrated Novel, The List, a Christmas thriller! In 2008 he re-booted the popular Guardian character for Marvel Comics.
In May of 2010 his graphic novel (written by JD Arnold), BB Wolf And The 3 L.P.s, was released along with a music cd that he co-wrote and produced. Rich received the GLYPH Award for his work on BB Wolf. Rich has also worked as an artist for Bongo, Boom and Archie comics and was the inker on their top sellers, Archie Meets Kiss and Dark Horse's, Archie vs Predator!
The release of his new Illustrated Novel, Mercy General, a Horror/Comedy, is due out in late 2018!

Emonic has been creating art since he was a child. He was heavily influenced by skateboarding, comic books, music, movies and graphic design. When working on projects he will often employ a mix of mediums ranging from traditional means to digital manipulation. Brush's,ink, and ball point pens are always the go to tools for his work.

Strephon is owner operator of November Fire apparel, and November Fire Recordings. Founder of the bands Sacrilege BC, Hobgoblin, and Slob. Illustrated Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages for Topps Cards. Currently producing and directing independent films.

Is a giant rodent who reads a lot and talks. beloved by children he always has a pocket full of candy so ask him for a dum dum pop! He also believes the moon is made of cheese and currently has a kickstarter to buy a rocket to get "All that Cheese!".
High heels click-clack down the alley, pavement gleaming slick with the city's sweat. The shapely sweep of deadly curves parts the night fog like a scythe as Faye Fatale strides forward, her wicked grin cocked, locked, and ready to kneecap you. 'Writin a bio, are ya? Nice work, I like it. Punchy but purple. You forgot to warn them about these dangerous curves, though, sugar.' A rustle of silk, a flash of a wink, and she's gone.

William Brent is an illustrator/designer whose work in the Rock & Roll, film, & animation industries going back over 40 years. Starting in 1987 at Bill Grahams Winterland Productions & continuing to the present, William creates art for Rock music artists that include Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, & Quiet Riot, as well as TV & film projects such as Jurassic Park, Star Trek, & many others. His Pin-up art for Las Vegas can be seen on Fremont St. all the way to the Luxor Pyramid. Digital animation work includes storyboards, concept art, matte painting, & texture mapping for IMAX Attractions, computer games, & simulator rides.
C. Andrew Nelson is an award winning artist, actor, writer, consultant, and motivational speaker. Andrew spent four years as a visual effects artist at Industrial Light & Magic. His VFX credits at ILM include Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Galaxy Quest, Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, The Perfect Storm, Jurassic Park III, The Time Machine, and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.
Prior to joining ILM, Andrew worked nearly six years at LucasArts Entertainment Company where he served as a visual effects supervisor. At LucasArts he helped create and design such popular games as Dark Forces, Rebel Assault II, Full Throttle, The Dig, Jedi Knight, Curse of Monkey Island, Masters of Teras Kasi, Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squadron, and Indiana Jones & the Infernal Machine. Andrew has worked extensively with sister companies Lucasfilm Ltd., Lucas Learning, Lucas Licensing, and THX.
Andrew is probably best known for having played the character of Darth Vader in the Special Edition re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy as well as in the Rebel Assault II and Dark Forces games from LucasArts. Andrew, who began playing Vader for Lucasfilm in 1994, has portrayed the infamous dark lord for commercials, television shows, print, games, and live appearances. He has managed to spend more time in the official Vader costume than any other actor.
In addition to his tenure with the Lucas companies, C. Andrew Nelson is a consulting VFX supervisor and art director for some of the top effects, animation, and post-production facilities in the U.S. His credits include Rocky Balboa, The Last Mimzy, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Rush Hour 3, Enchanted, The Kite Runner, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Jumper, Race to Witch Mountain, and Witness 11. Andrew currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Visual Effects Society.

Mike Hampton has been self-publishing comics for over 15 years, with popular indie titles such as "Captain A-hole" and "Hot Zombie Chicks". Since 2012 Mike has been a regular contributor to Topps as a sketch card artist for Mars Attacks, and most notably Star Wars including Galactic Files Series 1 & 2, Masterworks, and the late 2015 Hi Tek set. Also in 2015 Mike had a piece of work featured in the official Robot Chicken 10th Anniversary Art Show. Mike is also a regular artist featured on The Howard Stern Show's website and social media sites. He is also known for his clever mash-ups and stylized pinups of some of pop-culture's most famous characters. Also a colorist and graphic designer, Mike has worked on images for the City of San Pablo, Dark Horse Comics, the San Diego Comic-Con Souvenir Book, AIG, and the Golden State Warriors.


10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Exhibitor Room OPEN!

11:00 - 12:00 *PANEL ROOM 1-

Learn how to take found objects, fabrics,foils and foam to create props and cosplay parts. Matthew O'Connor is an award winning cosplay artist and creative person all around. For all ages and persons. I have helped the non-creative become confident and creative!

12:00 - 1:00 *PANEL ROOM 1-

With 4 of the best Inkers in the industry... Mick Gray, Steve Leialoha, Walden Wong, and Danny Bulanadi. This will be an hour full of incredible inking insite, Q & A, and finding out who thier favorite (and least favorite) pencilers really are. This is gonna be a fun time.

1:00 - 2:00 *PANEL ROOM-1
Spotlight On BILLY MUMY

Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Comic Book Writer... and more. Now is the time to Here about his 50 years on Screen, behind the screen, His Music and more. A grat Q & A withh "Lost In Space", "Twilight Zone", "Barns & Barns", "America" star... Billy Mumy

2:00 - 2:30 *PHOTO OP's-

Have a chance to get your "Professional" picture taken with Billy Mumy from "Lost In Space"

2:00 - 3:00 *PANEL ROOM 1-

Be here to hear the story of Jennifer Parker and her romance with Marty McFly. Claudia will have the real behind the sceens scoop, and everything about what she has been doing since that Iconic Role.

3:00 - 3:30 *PHOTO OP's-

Have a chance to get your "Professional" picture taken with Claudia Wells from "Back to The Future"

3:00 - 4:00 *PANEL ROOMS 1-
Thats Right Fans.. Come dressed up as your favorite Comic Book, Fantasy, Game, Cartoon or Fiction Hero or Villian!
As always we encourage Cosplay and Costumes... but this year we are going to Have a Prize for the best ones. All Costumes will be Judged by Our Celebrity and Artist Guests.
We will have multiple Prizes for Multiple Catagories
Prizes Include...
Adult: Best Costume 1st Place $25.00
2nd Place$ 15.00
3rd & 4th Place$ 10.00 ea

Adult: Fan Favorite 1st Place $ 20.00

Children: (15 & Under) 1st Place $15.00
2nd & 3rd Place $10.00 ea

Children: Fan Favorite 1st Place $10.00

NO: Nudity or Heckling
Costumes can be home made and store bought
Extra points for creativity
Props can be used, Be respectful of others
Must registered the day of show. Sign up at the Registration.
Must be a paid attendee of the convention.
Children's category is for ages 15 and under.
Adult's category is for ages 16 and up.
Couples costumes or group costumes will be counted as one entry.




The First 500 PAID attendees will receive one of 2 different Prints done by our SCCC guest...Rich Koslowski (shown below) and another being worked on now..

And MORE to Come!

So keep checking this website for more details

There will be dealers from all over selling everything from Golden Age Comics, Original Comic Art, Posters, T-Shirts, Back Issue Comics, New Comics, Manga, Beanies, Pokemon and Lots More!

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