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Due to San Francisco Comic Con changing their date (fron Sept to June without checking out any other local shows) right on top of our show date (Not Good SFCC) we are having to postpone the 2018 show and find a new date and venue. Sorry for the inconvienance and Thank You all for the Support.

Bay Area's Newest Original Comic Book Show!
Sun. 10:00am TO 5:00pm

Admission is Only $10.00 at the door, And $7.00 in Advance.
(Children under 8yrs are Free)

Come join the fun and excitement of the San Mateo County's Newest 1 Day Comic Book, Toy and Fantasy Convention.

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Here is our at the 2017 SPECIAL PAST GUEST'S
Liam Sharp will be attending SCCC for just the final few hours of the show. Liam is a well known Illustrator from the UK. He is just finishing one of the Greatest runs on Wonder Woman. It is considered an illustrated masterpiece.



Dirk Benedict is an American movie, television and stage actor who played the characters Lieutenant Templeton "Faceman" Peck in The A-Team television series and Lieutenant Starbuck in the original Battlestar Galactica film and television series
Joseph Michael Linsner is most well-known for his creation DAWN , his personal Pin-Up Goddess. Since her debut appearance on the cover of the first CRY FOR DAWN in 1989, Dawn struck a chord with thousands of fans on an international level. She is currently published in six languages and has come to life in the form of statues, action figures, t-shirts, lithographs, lunch boxes and trading cards. He is also the creator of several other characters - including Sinful Suzi Her first One-Shot is SIN BOLDLY #1 released in December 2013 by image comics.
An award winning Illustrator, Linsner has painted covers for all of the major comics characters, including Wolverine, Black Cat (Claws), Killraven, Justice League, Conan, and Vampirella. One of his proudest moments was getting to illustrate a short story written by Stan Lee for 'Actor Comics Presents.'
Current working titles: Dawn and Vampirella #1. A historic crossover series being released from Dynamite September 2014. Not only is this Dawn's FIRST ever crossover, this series also celebrates the 25th anniversary of Dawn and the 45th anniversary of Vampirella. This series is written, penciled, inked and illustrated by Joseph Michael Linsner.
His most recent work is on Harley Quinn written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner   for DC Comics.
Facebook fan page -
  and on twitter @josephlinsner



James O'Barr (Artist/Writer/Film Consultant)- Creator of the comic book "The Crow," which was adapted into a successful film of the same name in 1994, staring Brandon Lee, son of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, and spawned several sequels and a TV series. James O'Barr's, "The Crow: Curare," was one of the most well received new books in recent years, along with his writing on "The Crow: Skinning the Wolves," both from IDW. The more recent release of the original "Crow" graphic novel in Italy, broke sales records for the publisher during his country-spanning Italian tour with capacity only crowds in Sicily, Naples, Rome, Bologna and Milan. While in the US, new generations of Crow fans ensure that the graphic novel is still one of the best-selling graphic novels of all time, and has never gone out of print.
O'Barr won the Yellow Kid Award (pretty much the Academy Award in comics) in 1995 for Best Storyteller. Recent events include gallery shows in Maryland and Moscow, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.
Recent books on O'Barr include the sold out sketchbook "James O'Barr: Uncoffined". Other comics in which O'Barr has worked on include: Northstar Presents, Caliber Presents, Deadworld, Hard Looks, Slash, Original Sins, Pink Dust: Morphine Dreams, Dark Horse Presents, Razor and a cover for IDW's Judge Dredd. "The Crow: Author's Edition", a re-release of the original Crow story that was adapted into film, is available contains about 60 pages of new material that no one has ever seen!
James is also, much to the relief of fans, the consultant on the upcoming "The Crow" movie to start filming soon. Q and A's with James are sought after world-wide, most recently in the Middle East, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Spain and venues all over the United States. James currently resides in Texas.
Ron Lim's interest in comics began as a child, when he read comics and drew his favorite heroes, including Batman and the Fantastic Four.
His first published work was for the independent comic book title Ex-Mutants, which he worked on from 1986-1988.
He was "discovered" by Marvel at a 1987 comic convention, and was hired on the spot.Ron penciled the Silver Surfer (vol. 3) series for almost six years (1988-1994). He also penciled most of the "Infinity" trilogy of large scale crossover limited series which Marvel published in the early 1990s - Infinity Gauntlet (1991), Infinity War (1992) and Infinity Crusade (1993). He returned to these characters to pencil the Thanos series in 2004.
Other titles he has contributed to include Captain America (1990-1991), Dragon Lines (1993), X-Men 2099 (1993), Spider-Man Unlimited, Sovereign Seven (1998-1999), J2 (1998-1999), and Badger (late 1980s).
He has done work for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series at Archie Comics.
Lim was a founding contributor to the ill-fated publisher Future Comics and, in 2002, penciled their fourth series, Metallix, for six issues.
Lim has penciled Avengers Next and the Fantastic Five with Tom DeFalco for Marvel Comics. He is currently working on a new Iron Man/Dr. Doom story for Marvel Comics. He is also the current artist on the comic adaptation of Laurell K. Hamilton's Guilty Pleasures.
Making His 1st West Coast Show Appearanace Ever (& Second Show Ever.)


Patrick Labyorteaux has been acting his entire life. Starting at the young age of 3 years old, his first experience was a play at the venerable Troupe's Club in the heart of Hollywood itself.
Commercials followed and soon Patrick was working in films like BLAZING SADDLES and MAME with Lucile Ball. He worked a lot in TV on such 70's greats as STARSKY AND HUTCH and LOVE BOAT. It was during this time that he joined the cast of LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE as ANDREW GARVEY.
As a teenager, Patrick starred in a number of classic 80's teen comedies including SUMMER SCHOOL, HEATHERS, SKI SCHOOL as well as 3 NINJAS and GHOULIES 3: GHOULIES GO TO COLLEGE.
In other areas of entertainment, Patrick ventured into the world of voice over and became the announcer for THE WB TELEVISION NETWORK and was the voice of FLASH THOMPSON on SPIDER-MAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES as well as providing the voices for both the hero and the villain in the kid's classic ADVENTURES IN DINOSAUR CITY. As a writer, Patrick wrote the screenplay for the film NATIONAL LAMPOON’S LAST RESORT.
The 90's brought parts on LOIS AND CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, THE LAST FRONTIER and the role of Lt. BUD ROERTS on the military law drama JAG. JAG lasted a total of 10 years and introduced him to his wife, producer TINA ALBANESE. While working on the show, Patrick and Tina wrote 3 episodes of JAG in addition to the film HOLLYWOOD PALMS. Tina and Patrick were also the Creators and Executive Producers of the hit Nickelodeon sitcom SEE DAD RUN.
Since JAG, Patrick has guest starred on many TV shows including WITHOUT A TRACE, CSI, NCIS, DEXTER, iCARLY, GHOST WHISPERER, CASTLE, SCANDAL and AMERICAN CRIME STORY: THE PEOPLE VS O.J. SIMPSON. As for feature films, he can be seen with Jim Carrey in YES MAN and stared in the shlocktastic classic 2012: ICE AGE.
Patrick, his beautiful wife Tina and amazing son Jeau, currently live in Los Angeles.


Mark Bode has been working as a professional comic artist since the age of 15 when he was hired to color VAUGHN BODE (his father) black and white strip ZOOKS, for HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE. In the comic book field Mark is known for MIAMI MICE, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES and the graphic novel series COBALT 60. Mark has worked as a tattooist, toy and clothing designer. He is also well known as a mural artist and is invited to paint murals at art festivals around the world. Mark is presently working with a team to self-produce an animation of COBALT 60.


Artist, Creative Editor, Reference model & all-purpose Joe wrangler at Linsner Industries. Founder of lightisthenewdark art studios.
Kristina Deak-Linsner has brought her years of fine art experience in the west coast gallery scene over to the house that Dawn™&© built. After beginning her comics career at Dynamic Forces in the late 90's, she now uses her keen eye to help guide all Linsner products and projects such as: Sin Boldly, the Dawn•Vampirella crossover series, as well as Linsner's annual Dawn sketchbooks (2011 to present). The current graphic novel Dawn •Vampirella brings her comics career full circle by working with Dynamite/Dynamic Forces once again.
Twitter - @KristinaDeak Facebook-


Danny Bulanadi has been a comics illustrator for over fifty years. He is a veteran of Filipino Komiks, Image, DC, and Marvel. It was at Marvel that Danny flourished. As an inker, he worked on the Micronauts, Fantastic Four, Captain America and various other comics in the 1980's and 1990's. He has inked noted pencillers such as John Buscema, Gil Kane, Steve Ditko, Paul Ryan, and gentleman Ron Lim to name a few.
Danny recently worked on "The World's Most Complete Graphic Bible" for Kingstone Comics. He continues to illustrate comics for them as well as work on fan commissioned art.

1st Convention Ever


Eliza Ivanova was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. She was classically trained as a fine artist since the age of twelve in the private atelier of Garo Muradyan. After high school, Eliza moved to Los Angeles to pursue an animation education at Calarts where she graduated in 2010 with a degree in character animation. Eliza was invited to do an internship at Pixar and has been a 3D animator there since. She has made award-winning short films and a has new one in development along with exhibiting artwork.


Jon's acting career began at age two when cast as Jane Wyman and Sterling Hayden's son in So Big. During his career as a child actor and teen heart throb, he worked with some of Hollywood's biggest stars: Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby in The Country Girl, William Holden in Toward the Unknown, Natalie Wood and Robert Redford in This Property is Condemned, Rod Steiger and Anita Ekberg in Back From Eternity, Clint Eastwood in Escapade in Japan, Kurt Russell in The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and on television with stars like Kim Novak, Jack Benny, James Garner and everyone's favorite talking horse, Mr. Ed. By the time Jon turned 19, he'd worked in show biz 16 years. Amid plentiful job offers, he left the only life he'd known for college in Northern California, eventually settling to raise a family in Sonoma County. He lives there still with his second wife, Hollywood writer, Laurie Jacobson. Of his many accomplishments, he is most proud of his children, Ryan, 29, and Katie, 27.

Kathy was in born in Long Beach, California to Hayes and Rosemary Garver joining her sister, Beverly, and brothers, Hayes, Jr. and Lance. Beverly entered UCLA at a precocious 15 years old at the time Kathy started working professionally. During Ms. Garver’s teenage years, Kathy added radio and stage to her burgeoning film and television career.
Ms. Garver was a freshman majoring in speech at UCLA when she was tested for a television series entitled Family Affair. Kathy, deemed "perfect" to star as "Cissy" with Brian Keith as "Uncle Bill" and Sebastian Cabot as "Mr. French" performed for five years in one of the warmest and most enduring series of the 1960's and 70's. With Anissa Jones as "Buffy" and Johnny Whitaker as "Jody" the show continues to be popular today pleasing old and new audiences world wide - a true classic.
Today Kathy Garver is an accomplished and versatile actress, appearing in such films as Sweet November, The Princess Diaries, MOW'S such as FBI Murders and Stay the Night with Guest Star roles on many TV shows. She is a sought after celebrity on Game shows, winning top money for charities as she did on "Street Smarts" and other reality programs.
Kathy is also very much in demand for her numerous vocal characterizations. She’s a stand out in the very competitive field of voices overs for cartoons, commercials, toys and audio books. She voiced, "Pepper" an automotive whiz in the Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos series and “Firestar”, a mutant super hero in the Spiderman and his Amazing Friends TV series. Ms. Garver produced, narrated and wrote lyrics and original music for eight audio Beatrix Potter tales and eight Mother Goose based audiotapes for Smarty Pants, Inc. Kathy’s Beatrix Potter tapes have sold over two million copies and have won numerous awards. Ms Garver has also won two Audie Awards, one for her narration of The Worlds Shortest Stories, the other in 2004 for her direction of Amy Tan in The Opposite of Fate read by the author. Kathy has recorded books for Brilliance Audio, Dove, Listen and Live and can be downloaded at the site. Her voice has been heard in Apollo 13 (which was awarded the Academy Award for sound), Ransom, Back Draft and Jingle all the Way, all directed by Ron Howard.

Five-time Eisner nominee and Inkpot winner Dan Brereton has garnered critical praise and a loyal fan base over the last 25 years for his vibrant painted comics, illustrations and stories. He considers comics a perfect medium, and is fond of talking about his obsession with monsters , history, pulp and crime fiction and a general love of stories. His creator-owned comics work includes NOCTURNALS, GIANTKILLER, THE PSYCHO (with James Hudnall) and THE LAST BATTLE (with Tito Faraci).
Dan's currently writing and illustrating a four- part arc for DC Comics Digital First's LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT and prepping a new volume of NOCTURNALS in time for its 20th Anniversary.

Laurie Jacobson is an award-winning Hollywood author. A reformed stand-up comic, Laurie worked out in Harvey Lembeck's Comedy Improv Workshop for years with classmates Robin Williams, John Ritter and John Larroquette. While performing improv, she immersed herself in the history of those who came before her. The stories she uncovered became the basis for her debut, archetype book, Hollywood Heartbreak, a 75-year history of Hollywood told through the lives and deaths of 31 celebrities. Following its publication, Laurie emerged as a leading Hollywood historian.
Since then she has written and produced documentaries, television series and specials, including: The 20th Anniversary of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Museum of Television and Radio’s Salute to Funny Women of Television, The Warner Bros. Studio Rededication Party and The Suzanne Somers Show. For nine years, she served as head of development for legendary producer Jack Haley, Jr. Her fourth book, Timmy’s in the Well – The Jon Provost Story is a memoir she co-wrote with Provost, star of the Lassie series and her husband. Prior to that, Laurie published the saucy and inventive Dishing Hollywood, spilling the beans on 43 Tinseltown scandals – with a pertinent recipe connected to each one. Laurie’s second book, Hollywood Haunted just won’t die! Still a favorite with her fans, HH covers more than 100 years of ghostly goings-on in filmland. In print for 20 years, it is now available as an e-book.
As a reigning expert on Tinseltown’s ghosts, scandals and mysteries, Laurie has appeared in countless television and radio shows. Recently, she was featured in Sunset Strip, a star-studded documentary on the fabled roadway which had its premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater and is currently on Netflix. In 2016, she hosted and co-wrote the documentary, Ghosts of Sonoma County. This fall, she will do it again in the sequel, Haunted Wine Country.


Chris Marrinan has worked in the comics and illustration field since the mid 1980s, drawing such comics as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Wonder-Woman, Superman, Batman, and Dr. Strange. Recently, he’s drawn and occasionally written for Heroic Publication titles Champions and Vanguard of Liberty. In addition to Marvel and DC, Chris has also drawn for Dark Horse and Image comics. At Image, he created his own titles, Headhunters and Ms. Fortune.

Joe Weems is an Illustrator and Harvey award nominated Inker. He has been Inking Comics for 23 years and worked for pretty much every major publisher. Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, David Finch, Joe Benitez, Brandon Peterson, Dale Keown and Whilce Portacio are just a few of the Amazing Artists he's had the honor of collaborating with over the years.
In 2000-2005 Joe was employed by the Skateboard company Darkstar and drew all of their Illustrated decks, wheels and misc. merchandise. His slick ans sharp approach to the art form can be seen on such titles as Aphrodite IX, Arcanum, the Darkness, Fathom, Hulk:the End, Hunter/Killer,The Magdalena, New X-Men, Vengeance of Vampirella, Weapon Zero, Wraithborn and more!



Vincent Van Dahl is the host of "Creature Features," a remake of the popular Bay Area TV horror movie program that first debuted in 1971. Joined by his valet Livingston and his peculiar housemate Tangella from the shows' haunted mansion, Vincent and his myriad of interesting guests bring a little fun to the otherwise macabre world of horror films.



Tom Wyrsch produced the two award winning documentary films "Remembering Playland at the Beach" and "Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong: A Journey into Creature Features". He is the official Creature Features archivist. Tom wrote, produced and directed last year's popular feature length documentary film "Haunted Sonoma County" and is currently filming a followup film "Haunted Wine Country". Both historical journeys to haunted locations in the Northbay.

Emonic has been creating art since he was a child. He was heavily influenced by skateboarding, comic books, music, movies and graphic design. When working on projects he will often employ a mix of mediums ranging from traditional means to digital manipulation. Brush's,ink, and ball point pens are always the go to tools for his work.

Strephon is owner operator of November Fire apparel, and November Fire Recordings. Founder of the bands Sacrilege BC, Hobgoblin, and Slob. Illustrated Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages for Topps Cards. Currently producing and directing independent films.
High heels click-clack down the alley, pavement gleaming slick with the city's sweat. The shapely sweep of deadly curves parts the night fog like a scythe as Faye Fatale strides forward, her wicked grin cocked, locked, and ready to kneecap you. 'Writin a bio, are ya? Nice work, I like it. Punchy but purple. You forgot to warn them about these dangerous curves, though, sugar.' A rustle of silk, a flash of a wink, and she's gone.

Is a giant rodent who reads a lot and talks. beloved by children he always has a pocket full of candy so ask him for a dum dum pop! He also believes the moon is made of cheese and currently has a kickstarter to buy a rocket to get “All that Cheese!”.
C. Andrew Nelson is an award winning artist, actor, writer, consultant, and motivational speaker. Andrew spent four years as a visual effects artist at Industrial Light & Magic. His VFX credits at ILM include Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Galaxy Quest, Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, The Perfect Storm, Jurassic Park III, The Time Machine, and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.
Prior to joining ILM, Andrew worked nearly six years at LucasArts Entertainment Company where he served as a visual effects supervisor. At LucasArts he helped create and design such popular games as Dark Forces, Rebel Assault II, Full Throttle, The Dig, Jedi Knight, Curse of Monkey Island, Masters of Teras Kasi, Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squadron, and Indiana Jones & the Infernal Machine. Andrew has worked extensively with sister companies Lucasfilm Ltd., Lucas Learning, Lucas Licensing, and THX.
Andrew is probably best known for having played the character of Darth Vader in the Special Edition re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy as well as in the Rebel Assault II and Dark Forces games from LucasArts. Andrew, who began playing Vader for Lucasfilm in 1994, has portrayed the infamous dark lord for commercials, television shows, print, games, and live appearances. He has managed to spend more time in the official Vader costume than any other actor.
In addition to his tenure with the Lucas companies, C. Andrew Nelson is a consulting VFX supervisor and art director for some of the top effects, animation, and post-production facilities in the U.S. His credits include Rocky Balboa, The Last Mimzy, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Rush Hour 3, Enchanted, The Kite Runner, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Jumper, Race to Witch Mountain, and Witness 11. Andrew currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Visual Effects Society.

Mike Hampton has been self-publishing comics for over 15 years, with popular indie titles such as "Captain A-hole" and "Hot Zombie Chicks". Since 2012 Mike has been a regular contributor to Topps as a sketch card artist for Mars Attacks, and most notably Star Wars including Galactic Files Series 1 & 2, Masterworks, and the late 2015 Hi Tek set. Also in 2015 Mike had a piece of work featured in the official Robot Chicken 10th Anniversary Art Show. Mike is also a regular artist featured on The Howard Stern Show's website and social media sites. He is also known for his clever mash-ups and stylized pinups of some of pop-culture's most famous characters. Also a colorist and graphic designer, Mike has worked on images for the City of San Pablo, Dark Horse Comics, the San Diego Comic-Con Souvenir Book, AIG, and the Golden State Warriors.
Age Scott, The hiphop cartoonist has been making noise with his comic book "Won and Phil" for over 15 years. Now he's part of the team who has this incredible comic book called SUPERHOOD! Born and raised in the Bay Area, he has been a local legend for his art efforts....from his comic books, children's books, the podcasts he's part of and teaching youth through his art classes that does, Age is crazy passionate about art...and he's also a good dude. Come meet this guy. He's pretty fresh.

Jared Show who plays Burl in Bigfoot The Movie and was also the director, will have a booth with DVDs of the movie and T-shirts for sale. Bigfoot The Movie is a comedy horror/flick with mullets, guns, and beer in full supply! It's not a documentary or like Harry and the Hendersons. If you enjoy movies like Tremors, Shaun of the Dead, and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil then you're going to love this!



In 1964, in the middle of the initial season of The Munsters TV show, Beverly Owen decided to leave the series, and the part of Marilyn Munster was up for grabs. Marilyn, of course, was the "plain one of the family", the normal one in a family of "monsters". Pat got the part, and made her initial appearance on the last episode of the first season. She remained in the role until the series ended in 1966. (The film, Munster Go Home, released that same year, featured Debbie Watson in the role.) Her appearance with Elvis came a year later. In Easy Come, Easy Go, Pat plays Dina Bishop, the "bad girl" who gets in Elvis' way while he and Dodie Marshall search for treasure. Pat's memories of Elvis and that time were fond ones, although she regrets one thing: She bought Elvis' Cadillac (a 1967 El Dorado), and later traded it for a Pontiac! "If I had it today, I could retire!", she says. Although not fully retired yet, (she occasionally makes TV appearances) Pat and her second husband, Fred Hansing, are settled in Haley, Idaho. Pat still keeps in touch with Butch Patrick from The Munsters, and with the series running regularly now on Nick at Nite, they make more frequent public appearances at conventions and autograph shows. And is looking forward to her appearance her at Sands/Reno Comic con!



The First 500 PAID attendees will receive one of 2 different Prints done by our SCCC guest...JAMES O'BARR.

And MORE to Come!

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There will be dealers from all over selling everything from Golden Age Comics, Original Comic Art, Posters, T-Shirts, Back Issue Comics, New Comics, Manga, Beanies, Pokemon and Lots More!

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